Beautiful Switzerland is breathtaking

Beautiful Switzerland: Zazoo Through Zürich


Backpacking through Europe Zurich Switzerland
Backpacking through Europe in Zurich Switzerland

In beautiful Switzerland, we had an eventful arrival into Zürich at the border. The customs officers boarded our bus, walked thru checking everyone’s passports and asking us basic questions. They wanted to know why we were coming to Zürich , what we would be doing, how long we would be there, who we were traveling with, etc. For most of us they just looked at our passports, verified it was actually ours and then handed them back. For 3 or 4 passengers, they held on to the passports and left the bus with them. A few minutes later, the officers are back and handcuff one passenger and escort him off the bus! The officers come back and take another passenger off of the bus (no handcuffs this time). Can’t imagine how nervous anyone else was that still hadn’t gotten their passport back. Yikes. Then, just like this is typical, the bus driver gets back on the bus and we take off!

Preceding Zürich was our 8 hour, countryside viewing, Flixbus ride. Not near as bad as it seems. The bus, and driver, were very nice. The bus had an ‘airplane’ toilet onboard. We made a couple of stops for passengers in France and Germany, so we meandered in and out of those countries thru cities like Strasbourg, Freiburg and Saarbrücken then into Switzerland. Views of the Alps were just gorgeous! We stopped for a quick meal and to stretch our legs. Back on the bus some slept, but I was wanting to enjoy the scenery and it also gave me time to work on my blog and a little real estate. As a Realtor, my office (literally) can be anywhere. I thought the countryside was a little more charming with the communities, animals, a vineyard, and churches that we saw along the way. The German countryside was kind of like the US, but with German signs and a nuclear power plant. As with all of the countries we visited, there were beautiful churches and architecture.

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We ended up getting into Zürich pretty late that nite after traffic delays, the border incident and having to wait on a connecting bus earlier in the day. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t get to explore Zürich , but it did look like a wonderful city to go back to one day. The train station was nice and our hotel was very European. Very clean and no complaints. I will mention that we were “Ricky and Lucy”-ing it at points on the trip. A double bed in some hotels is basically 2 twin beds. They try to push them together, but it depends on what kind of headboard is attached as to how close the mattresses can be. Haha These little quirks just added to our experience!

Big Dog’s Review: One night in Zürich on our way to Milan. Bus from Luxembourg to Zürich, one sleep and back on a bus to Milan. We will need to go visit Zürich in the future.

Wrap Up: Up early, back on a bus and headed for a short stopover in Milan, Italy as we continue our Backpacking thru Europe Adventure. We have been loving our bus ride through beautiful Switzerland and our zazoo through Zurich. Switzerland is breathtaking!!

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit! I would never have even thought to visit here but then again we don’t travel often.

  2. Switzerland, especially Zurich, is on my bucket list. I hope to resume checking off those boxes soon!

  3. We were supposed take our kids to Europe for the first time next month, but have had to cancel our trip due to Covid-19. I was so looking forward to the trip, but now I have more time to plan and possibly adjust our original plans to include different countries. Our original trip included the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. I’ve been to Switzerland once, but just to Lucerne for 1/2 a day. I’ve never been to Zurich. Will have to look into it for a future trip. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fun and interesting experience! I hope to explore this area of the world more in the future. Switzerland, Germany, and Austria are at the top of my list!

  5. Your pictures are so amazing I can’t imagine how beautiful it must look in person! Switzerland is definitely on our list!

  6. What a beautiful trip! I love your photos! The arrest would have freaked me out for sure.

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