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NYC: Always a Unique Itinerary


May We Never Forget 911 Memorial Wall NYC add to itinerary
May We Never Forget

New York City is a favorite destination of ours. We always end up with a unique itinerary. There are so many things to do. Depending on where you stay, whether it’s close to Times Square or in one of the boroughs, getting around town is easy. There’s always a subway, taxi, Uber, or you can walk. On our first visit to the Big Apple we took in all the major sites. The Empire State Building, the lights of Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, the Financial District, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, China Town…well you get it, all the tourist attractions. They are all wonderful to see. A must, every time we visit, is a Broadway show. Live shows on Broadway, or off Broadway, are very entertaining. So, go ahead and take a bite of the Big Apple, you’ll enjoy!

Playbills from Broadway Shows in NYC
Playbills from Broadway Shows in NYC
Lady Liberty add to NYC itinerary
Free as a bird!
NYC subway
NYC subway platform circa 2004

Big Dog is right! On our 1st trip we met a couple of my high school besties. One of them’s husband was working in NYC and the other one lived on Long Island with her husband. In fact, one day, we took the LIRR Train out to their home.

Back then, I remember having a travel book and had a list of all the sites I wanted to see. We were to meet my friends for lunch on the 1st full day, so Big Dog and I got up very early and set out to take in as much as we could on foot. We had been to Rockefeller Center, St. Peter’s, Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building and even up to Central Park before we got on the subway and headed downtown to meet the girls for lunch. There is so much to see in Central Park. We’ve visited Strawberry Fields and the Imagine inlay across from the Dakota building in Central Park numerous times. There are lots of trails and benches, trees, open grassy spaces, water features and an ice skating rink. Definitely, didn’t have time to take it all in that morning, but just enough to always keep us coming back.

Rockefeller Center NYC
Rockefeller Center NYC
Central Park NYC
Central Park
Imagine Strawberry Fields Central Park NYC
Imagine Strawberry Fields Central Park NYC

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I don’t remember the name of it, but I do remember this cute little cafe with a fresh flower stand right out front. It was a great little area. We took a walk around the financial district where my friend worked. We were able to see all the work taking place at Ground Zero from my other friend’s hotel room. At that time it was mostly excavation and getting ready to rebuild. Devastating. (We were very concerned about my friend, who was working in the financial district, because you couldn’t get in touch with anyone by cell that day and we had no idea how she was.) The rest of that trip was rounded out with shopping, eating, a comedy club, and a trip out to Staten Island via ferry with our friends. We also saw our 1st Broadway show-Thoroughly Modern Millie. We had an amazing time and have been hooked on New York City ever since!

Food, flowers and friends in New York City!
Food, flowers and friends in New York City!

On subsequent trips, we have taken day trips to DC and Boston, attended more Broadway shows, revisited Ground Zero and the Reflecting Pools, visited so many other sites, shops and restaurants. On one trip we took our grown kids between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh my! That was a fabulous trip! Everything was decorated for Christmas and the neighborhoods had tree stands. I’m talking large, can’t miss, great selection tree stands. From where we were staying, we would grab hot chocolate and needed to walk through one (it encompassed the sidewalk) to get to the subway station. The fresh tree smell, in the crisp air, sipping hot chocolate was just so wonderful! We also went ice skating at Central Park, which is something you can’t do on a Summer trip. The pictures below tell that story. Haha Uptown New York is where we found Tom’s Restaurant. If you watched Seinfeld, you know this is the diner where they frequented on the show. Very cool. This was also the trip when we saw Wicked on Broadway. That was an amazing show. We all loved it! Of course just being on a trip with the kids and making memories was terrific…doing it in NYC was even more terrific!

Neighborhood tree stand in Soho NYC
Need a tree?!
Seinfeld Diner NYC add to itinerary
Seinfeld Diner
Hot dogs on the street in NYC
Street dogs!

Every visit we take to NYC is unique as we incorporate some of our favs and many new experiences. Other things we love about NYC are all of the neighborhoods (every time you pop up from the subway, it’s a whole different vibe), the hot dog stands (haha-but this is the only place I eat hot dogs!), Macy’s and the old wooden escalator, Ellen’s Stardust Diner, experiencing anything on TV literally come to life, the history, fashion, art, the cheesecake (not kidding) and I could go on and on. My daughter and I talk about doing a trip and focusing primarily on museums. We also always want to go during Fashion Week (either one). We were excited to visit the Second Time Around Store (STA) and meet one of the stars that was featured on Fashion Hunters reality show centered around that store. So, imagine how much more exited we would be experiencing Fashion Week! There is just so much more waiting for us to do and see in New York. Talking about it makes me want to go back! Now. Haha

Ellen's Stardust Diner in NYC great itinerary item
Ellen’s Stardust Diner in NYC
Radio City Music Hall NYC Home of the Rockettes
Home of the Rockettes
Wooden escalator at Macy's NYC
Wooden escalator at Macy’s

We certainly recommend going to New York if you get a chance. No matter who you go with, you should be able to find something appealing for everyone. Just the food alone will be a hit. Try to see a Broadway Show if possible. The elaborate stages and the amazingly talented performers will deliver and unforgettable experience in entertainment to you. Take in as many attractions as you can. There’s just something about seeing an iconic site in person. Spend some time at Ground Zero reflecting. Shop, go to museums, relax or jog in Central Park, join an audience for a taping or live show, shop, explore, take a tour or whatever makes up the perfect trip for you. Enjoy! We would love to hear about your experiences in NYC. Come back and leave a comment for us!

52 thoughts on “NYC: Always a Unique Itinerary”

  1. I love NYC. I typically run two fabric shopping trips to the garment district each year.

  2. I’ve always been intimidated by New York City! This post definitely has me feeling like I should just get over it and go. 🙂

    1. Yes, Kendra! We have loved every visit. Waiting for it to open back up a little more to go again. You definitely should go one day!

  3. Kate Spade NYC, saving the best for last. I love Kate Spade! I love all your pictures! We are planning on taking the kids to NYC this year. We want to show them the Statue of Liberty and everything. Thank you for your timely post. I love your travels!

  4. I over visiting NYC. And we had to do Broadway. We saw Wicked, Rent and Phantom when we went 😍

  5. I absolutely LOVE NYC! I have been a few times, but still have a loooong list of things I would like to see. I am actually hoping to get back there in September… but it all depends on what things look like this year.

  6. So much to do! When I went I felt like a needed a whole month to fit everything in. Looks like you had a blast.

      1. I do love NYC – specifically Manhattan. I grew up right across the Lincoln Tunnel, and my first experiences were going in to buy liquor while in HS (NJ – 21; NY – 18), and hanging out in Washington Square Park with other musicians.
        Later, I worked in Manhattan.
        Such an amazing place, especially since Giuliani cleaned it up and made it much more palatable for tourists in the 80’s.
        It was so great to share it with my family when the girls were teens – we saw Phantom on Broadway, then had dinner at Sardi’s at 10:30 pm…my daughters thought they were the height of sophistication!

        1. I love this Suz!! What an adventure to grow up and work there. I pray NYC can be restored to it’s full potential! We enjoy visiting so much.

  7. We live in Canada and I travel to NYC twice. I’m in love with NYC. I will definately be back. I love your pictures.

  8. I have never been to NYC. I am not a big fan of “the city” any big cities…I appreciate your share to view the experience though!

  9. NYC is such an awesome city. We used to go every year for my hubby’s birthday. And you’re right, each trip is completely different and unique. The reflection pools are so incredibly haunting. It always drives me nuts though when I see people taking smiling selfies there. Just doesn’t sit right with me. But, to end on a happy note, that pic of you bailing on the ice is so freaken adorable!!! That would be me too haha. Great memories <3

    1. I know what you mean…smiling selfies aren’t so reflecting…
      Haha laughing with you. I totally wiped out on that ice!

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