The Aerial Tram Jackson Hole WY

What to do in Jackson Hole, WY


Rustic barn in snowy setting Jackson Hole WY
This rustic barn contrasting the bright snow is such postcard worthy sight!
Such a breathtaking site flying into Jackson Hole, WY!

Such a breathtaking site flying into Jackson Hole, WY! All the snowy mountains were just gorgeous. We also saw moose before we could get out of the airport good.

We stayed at The Lodge at Jackson Hole and loved it. We had the most wonderful breakfast buffet every morning. It was only about a mile walk to town, and with the beautiful weather we were having, we gladly made the trek a couple of times.

The Lodge at Jackson Hole WY
The Lodge at Jackson Hole
Antler entrance to park at Town Square Jackson Hole WY

In town, is the famous square with the antler entrances to the park in the center of town. The streets are lined with shops and restaurants on all four sides and and beyond the square. We just missed Harrison Ford in a local shop on the square and my friend was obsessed from then on about running into him again. Haha

This trip was simply amazing and there are so many highlights that we want to share with you. Of course, we didn’t get to everything we wanted to do and see, but we made the most of our time and enjoyed so much good food and fun activities. As time and interest allows, we recommend that you put as many of these items as possible on your list too, for when you go!


  • Aerial Tram-such a picturesque trip up the mountain. One you won’t soon forget. Also, fun to have a bird’s eye view of the skiers below.
  • Corbet’s Cabin-Don’t just ride the Aerial Tram and come back down. You must experience the waffle shack at the top with some hot cocoa. The waffles are unique and people are friendly. Hard to capture in a photo.
  • Teton Pass-this view is enough to make you emotional, especially if you are fortunate enough to experience it after a fresh snow. Pictures do not do it justice and the stunning winter wonderland is just indescribable.
  • Coco Love-how can you resist scrumptious chocolate created by an artisan chocolatier?! Edible art! Glad we didn’t miss this spot!
  • Persephone Bakery-adorable cafe with atmosphere and yummy food.
  • The Blue Lion-nice dinner. Charming and delicious, but pricey.
  • Orsetto-modern flair for wonderful Italian food.
  • Local Restaurant & Bar-yep that’s the name and the food was fantastic!
  • Silver Dollar Bar-The Wort Hotel– very historic and we wandered all through the 1st floor. So much interesting history and memorabilia hanging on the walls. Also, the silver dollar bar, that was survived a fire, is so cool.
  • Million Dollar Cowboy Bar-we enjoyed live music here, but did not find Harrison Ford sitting on a saddle up at the bar as we (my friend) had hoped.
  • Town Square-you’ve got to get a picture with the elk antler entrances to the park while you are there enjoying all of the shops and restaurants. If there is no picture, it didn’t happen, right! Ha
  • Sleigh ride through the reserve-very informative with our cowboy driver. We were comfortable with blankets provided. Trip wasn’t too long.
  • Yellowstone National Park-plan on lots of time to spend here!

Big Dog’s Review: Our trip to Jackson Hole with friends was awesome. The country up there is beyond beautiful. We traveled there in March so the snow in the city was sparse, but up in the ski areas it was deep and fluffy. Our lodge was very comfortable and close to the town’s activities. We easily walked into town. The night life was enjoyable and not overwhelming. The trip to the top of the mountain for waffles was definitely a highlight of the trip. We rented a car and drove thru Teton Pass, breathtaking scenery. Yellowstone National Park roads where closed to get them ready for regular vehicle travel (for the summer season). We skirted around the edge. When we return it will be later in the year so we can visit Yellowstone. We definitely will stay in Jackson Hole, rent a car, and explore!

Lulu’s Review: Loved every moment of this trip and everything we did, saw and ate! Wholeheartedly recommend for everyone to go at least once. It is not only beautiful, but such a fun place to play. Definitely want to go back!

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Wrap up: The next time we are in Jackson Hole, of course we want to eat at our favorite restaurants again, try a few new ones and for sure have waffles at the top of the mountain after the tram ride. Sounds like it’s all about eating! Going at a different time of year is appealing and getting to spend lots of time at Yellowstone National Park would also be a priority. What a gorgeous destination! Hope you enjoyed our ideas for what you can do around Jackson Hole WY.

The Grand Tetons in the clouds Jackson Hole WY
The Grand Tetons in the clouds.
Top of the mountain with friends Jackson Hole WY
Top of the mountain outside of Corbet’s Cabin with our good friends, the Gunters.
The Lodge at Jackson Hole
The Lodge at Jackson Hole
On the tram Jackson Hole WY
Big Dog on the Aerial Tram, and he doesn’t like heights.
Big Sky, Montana day trip-something to do around Jackson Hole WY
Took an excursion to Big Sky, Montana for a day trip.

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  1. I traveled to Jackson Hole many years ago when I was on a trip with my parents when I was 14-years-old. It was the cutest little place to visit! We went in the summer, so it wasn’t snowy but was still so beautiful!! I will have to go back to visit again sometime in the winter months!

  2. Breathtaking views – what I wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing about your trip to Jackson Hole, WY – another bucket list item for me!

  3. We have been through Jackson Hole when exploring the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. I still remember how quaint and lovely it was. The antler arch was so cool.

  4. We’ve not been to Wyoming and this looks like a place we would love! Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a great time! Wyoming is something I definitely want to get to go see. Beautiful!

  6. We’ve been to Cody, WY, and we loved it! It is so beautiful in WY. Next time we visit, we’ll have to go to Jackson Hole.

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