Family Cruise: Grand Cayman and Jamaica

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Tendering to Grand Cayman Island from Carnival Cruise Ship Family vacation

This will always be a favorite family vacation and Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Cruise snorkeling in Grand Cayman and relaxing at Margaritaville in Jamaica.

First stop Grand Caymen Island. This is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean. The town has ample shopping and restaurants, but the real fun is snorkeling. Beautiful blue/green water invites you to jump in!

Our second destination was Jamaica. Personally I didn’t like Jamaica. Once on the island we spent the day at Margaritaville, as an excursion from the ship. Not a fancy place tho! Basically, they let us use their beach area and fed us a jerk chicken lunch. I found Jamaica to be dirty and the island people seemed to be living in poverty except for the travel destinations.

We’ve heard good things about the other side of the island and staying at a resort. We probably need a Jamaica do over one day to experience the other parts of the island.

Lulu’s Review: This was a family cruise on Carnival Cruise Line with out daughter and son in law, our son and his friend, and us. The six of us had dinner together every nite, at the same table with the same wait staff. The food (and desserts) were wonderful and this was one of my favorite parts of the cruise. I enjoyed the ‘at sea’ days to just relax and all of the food, entertainment and other offerings of the ship. The cruise was great. Hoping for even better stops next time!

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Wrap Up: Obviously, all of us on vacation together was fun! As were all of the activities and entertainment on the ship. If you’ve ever taken a Carnival Cruise, you know what I mean about it being a fun filled cruise with lots of planned activities.

Check out these tours! We have learned that tours are the way to go when traveling. We learn so much more than we could discover on our own. Also, we don’t have to coordinate the logistics or accommodations. Win!

Our gallery of snap shots from the cruise. Enjoy!

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