Boerne: A Texas Hill Country Jewel


Nice little outdoor cafe area in Beorne TX in the Texas Hill Country
I love a cafe with outdoor seating

This trip to Boerne, TX was a side trip from San Antonio. It is a nice Texas Hill Country drive, but not too far. And it’s such a jewel! We have been to Boerne previously on our way out of Fredericksburg, but this time we got up early and made it our destination for the day. We arrived in Boerne before most of the shops opened, which was perfect because we wanted to experience more than just the fun on main street. Don’t get me wrong, we love main street with all of the antique stores, boutiques, cafes, etc. We just wanted to see what else Boerne had to offer.

Besides, murals, architecture has really become such a draw to me. I love modern architecture, but I really love to see old (even ancient) creations the most. I’m always amazed at how spectacular and ornate cathedrals and buildings were designed and finished so many centuries ago, without all of the modern equipment we have today. Boerne may not have ancient cathedrals, but we did run across a couple that were car-stopping worthy to check out and photograph.

Wonderful Old church in Beorne TX in the Texas Hill Country
Wonderful architectural design of this church
Twin steeple church in Beorne TX in the Texas Hill Country
Twin steeple style

Time for the shops to start opening, so we head for Main Street. We visited a variety of shops to keep each other interested. Big Dog likes the antique stores maybe a little more than I do. I for sure like the boutiques more than he does! There are some unique little shops on the strip if you are looking for a one of a kind new outfit, something more domestic for your kitchen, or maybe a Texas souvenir. Of course, if you prefer to just hang out for wine tastings and stock up on wine, you can do that too. One of the wonderful places we shopped, Bechants, sat a little back off the street and had lots of different departments. The building was an old bank so the 1st department we entered actually had the huge vault door still in tact and incorporated into the design of the retail space. Loved that! Another department had a large Mackenzie Childs selection and I was able to see the beautiful new pieces 1st hand. I may or may not have picked up something for my favorite little girl and Mackenzie Childs enthusiast. Other shops on Main Street had furniture, art and home decor. Something for most everyone.

Winery Main Street Beorne TX in the Texas Hill Country
Wine tasting on Main Street
Bechants Beorne TX in the Texas Hill Country

If you are like me, there are never enough meals when you are traveling. We had heard several suggestions, but we decided on Dienger this day. Oh boy! Am I glad we did! I can not brag enough about the food, atmosphere or the hospitality of the owner. Big Dog had a citrus green salad that was pretty and tasty. I had the chicken salad croissant sandwich and loved their chicken salad. The owner pointed out that they have a history wall, so we got to read all about the history of the building and previous owners through the years. So interesting. The sweetest thing though, was on the opposite wall. There were framed tributes to both of Mr. Lunsford’s parents. That was awesome. What respect and admiration he has for them. I believe it’s actually called The Dienger Trading Co. They have both men’s and women’s boutique areas inside also.

The Dienger Trading Co Beorne TX in the Texas Hill Country
The Dienger Trading Co

Boerne is similar to Fredericksburg, but not as large. I would say we covered it, but I would love to go back to see what’s new in the shops and, of course, enjoy some more delicious food. I don’t doubt that we will find ourselves in Boerne again one day.

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Big Dog’s Review: The small Texas Hill Country town of Boerne is a delightful stop. If you like shopping for antiques or just shopping in general, it’s great! The history of the town shows in its many older homes, churches, and businesses. One such place is the Dienger Trading Company where Lulu and I had a great lunch. We met the current owner and he gave us a taste of the varied history of the business. This is a great old German business with the history depicted on the wall inside.
The Texas Hill Country is beautiful! But, don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself! You’ll thank us!

56 thoughts on “Boerne: A Texas Hill Country Jewel”

  1. Looks like a fun little getaway. You probably wouldn’t have been able to get me away from the shops!

  2. Beautiful! Sounds like a great place to visit! We have yet to make our way to Texas. Its going to be part of our next Epic US roadtrip… when the borders open up and things are a little better that is!

  3. This looks like a great place to take a mother/daughter trip. My mom lives in Texas, and she would love to get away to a place like this for a few days.

    1. Oh yes great idea! There are so many other places around there too. Lots of wineries and other town. Check out my Fredericksburg and San Antonio posts 🙂

  4. What a quaint looking area! Love the Bistro with the outdoor seating area!

  5. I haven’t been to Texas yet but this spot looks beautiful – love the older buildings too…

  6. I have a friend that lives near Beorne! He’s never told me what a cool little town it was. I enjoyed learning more about it through your photos. So many neat shops and buildings!

  7. I love towns like these! I’ve only been to Texas once, and that was mostly to the San Antonio area. I would love to go back again and take this side trip.

  8. WOW.. looks like an amazing place to visit! So much beauty and history! Thank you for sharing the great pictures!

  9. This totally looks like a place I’d love to visit! I’m totally with you on wishing there were more meals on trips. Looks like you picked a yummy place to eat!

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