Cologne Backpacking thru 9 European countries in 14 days

Cathedral Area Cologne, Germany


Cathedral Area Cologne, Germany

3rd (and short) stop on our Backpacking Through Europe Adventure: 9 countries, 14 days is Cologne, Germany. This was a short stop, but exceptional. The Cologne Cathedral is massive and we were awestruck. Hard to get pics of it, with its height. The area around it is full of lots of modern shopping and restaurants. We ate at Osteria am Dom. It was fabulous. We are consuming a fair amount of Italian and we haven’t even gotten to Italy yet. Oh well, I could eat Italian food daily. 

The Rhine River is also just a few blocks away. There is a park area that you enter just as you walk out of the shop and restaurant blocks, Rhine Garden. The Hohenzollern Bridge is nearby and easily accessible. There are droves of people wondering out onto this bridge to see the Rhine views. 

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Big Dog’s Review: We left Brussels by train, our next stop Cologne. The train station in Cologne is next to Cologne Cathedral. Cologne Cathedral is a massive building with very ornate architecture. We didn’t go inside because we were backpacking and the guards said we would have to split up to go inside. We enjoyed a great lunch at Osteria am Dom. From lunch, we walked down and took on the beauty of the Rhine River. Next stop Luxembourg.

Wrap Up: Even if you only have a few hours in Cologne, as we did, it won’t disappoint! And even if you just stay around the train station and Cathedral area, there is plenty within walking distance to keep you busy. Hope you will continue with us on our journey as we head back to the Koln Hbf train station. Boarding another train. Next stop Luxembourg!

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  1. Your photos are great. There was times with a lot of people but the it sure was beautiful and clean. Plus the food looks great too.

  2. What a great trip! I would love to live in that area for a few weeks like I am a local…

  3. Wow! Cologne looks amazing; I’d love to visit there someday! I love all of your pictures as well!

  4. My husband lived in Poland for a year, and we always talk about taking a trip so he can show me all the places he visited while he was there. If we did, Germany would absolutely be on our list!

  5. We love Germany! We have never been to this part though. My favorite trip to Germany was the day that we spent in Rothenberg, it was such a picturesque little town and I’d love to take my kids back there someday. We will have to look into Cologne now as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. We were there for a day trip this past December but it was cold and raining so we didn’t get to properly admire it! Thanks for the photos – it looks lovely when it’s not raining!

  7. Everything from the buildings to the food looks amazing. This had to be such an awesome experience. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Looks like a good combination of modern and historical architecture.

  9. I was supposed to be in Germany in less than a month. 🙁 Your pictures are great and I hope to get there one day.

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