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Aruba Honeymoon: Where the Travel Started

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Aruba Island Map

Aruba was mine and Debbie’s honeymoon destination. We bought a package deal thru a local travel agency. The flight down was ok, but we were delayed several hours on our return trip.


We stayed at the Aruba Beach Club Resort which is right on the beach and has a pool plus a great beach area. The room was nice and comfortable. This island is 7 miles wide and 21 miles in length. We rented a little car and drove all over the island. Due to the trade winds that blow in one direction at a constant pace, one side of the island is beach and the other side is rock. Both beautiful! A couple of our favorite places on our tour of the island were the California Lighthouse and The Natural Bridge which collapsed in 2005.

Big Dog’s Review: Great vacation spot. The wind can become a nuisance, it is constant never ending.

Lulu’s Review: I remember being a little nervous about flying over that much water to get to Aruba. It was all good tho! We enjoyed the resort with the indoor/outdoor areas and being right on the ocean. Unfortunately, with the nice temps and constant breeze (wind-let’s be honest), I didn’t realize how sunburned I was getting the 1st day. Ouch! That’s ok, we had a great time exploring the island and being away on our 1st travel adventure together.

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Wrap Up

Sure we would go back, but there are lot’s of other places higher on our list, including other beach destinations. Can’t imagine how much Aruba has changed now, so that would be interesting to see. (Obviously, we have changed too!) The island has probably changed as much as technology has (for taking much better pictures)! Excuse the old photos, we had no idea there would be an ‘online’ to share our Aruba Honeymoon pics to way back in 1985!


Check out these tours! We have learned that tours are the way to go when traveling. We learn so much more than we could discover on our own. Also, we don’t have to coordinate the logistics or accommodations. Win!

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