Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Guide to Las Vegas Dining, Shopping and Fun


Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen Restaurant Las Vegas
Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant Las Vegas

We wanted to share some highlights and sort of a guide to Las Vegas Dining, shopping and Fun. We’ve been to Las Vegas many times. Since we aren’t big gamblers or big drinkers, we have discovered so much more to Vegas than what most who haven’t been, would imagine it to be. If you’ve been, and you have gotten out of the casinos, you know what I’m talking about! The hotels are really indescribable, as they are practically their own little cities/resorts. It’s impressive to go visit these enormous properties. They all have a different theme, unless you count overindulgence as a theme. The extravagance is a little mind boggling. The food is amazing and there are so many celebrity chefs, including some Michelin Star awardees. You’ll realize there aren’t enough meals during your trip to eat everything you would like to. The vast spectrum of talent makes decisions, for which shows you’ll attend, very difficult. Price might come into play for some of us, but not sure if any tickets are cheap at this level of entertainment. I would be remiss if I left out the shopping. There is something for every one and every price range from The Forum Shops at Caesars to the outlet malls and everything in between.

This last Vegas trip, that is fresh on my mind, was actually for ‘work’. I was there attending the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Convention. There were 10 of us Realtors and one brave spouse (not mine) on this trip. We were on the same flight and staying in the same hotel. We even ate together as a group when we could make it happen-usually at night. So much fun, and so much that will be left out of this post. Haha


  • Food
  • Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill This restaurant is located in Caesars Palace. It was Beef Wellington or bust for one of my agent friends. I’m glad she had this on her list. We had an outstanding dinner here.
  • Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen-We had lunch here one day and it was fabulous. The service, the atmosphere, the food. Excellent.
  • Giada at The Cromwell– I love Italian and this was one fancy Italian dinner. Delicious. A couple of us had Moscow Mules instead of wine at this opulent establishment. How’s that for a juxtaposition? Ha
  • Pronto By Giada – so bright and inviting. Long line but moves quickly. It’s all prepared ahead so no customizing. Grab breakfast or lunch. We did several times since it was conveniently located in Caesars.
  • Hash House A Go Go-I didn’t get to go here, but my friend brought me lunch back from here while I was shopping and waiting for next class.
  • Brioche by Guy Savoy– I’m not a coffee drinker, but I had to have a latte to stay awake, with such little sleep that we were getting!
  • Carmine’s is just one of the restaurants in The Forum. It’s just like the one in NYC, serving family style large portions to share with the table.
  • Hotels
  • Caesars Palace is exactly what you would think-a Roman themed luxurious palace. We did not stay here this trip, but our convention was held here so we spent a lot of time here.
  • Paris is actually where we stayed this time. Well, where we caught a couple hours of sleep each night. It was a busy trip. We did enjoy lots of live music. There were some great bands! Would give a shout out if I could remember any of their names.
  • Venetian-didn’t get a chance to visit this time, but the gondola ride here is worth mentioning. My son and I did this years ago. Fun.
  • Bellagio-don’t miss the fountains “dancing” to the music all lit up! Must experience this water choreography in person.
  • The Cromwell and Planet Hollywood are both new since I had been there. Didn’t get a chance to really check them out other than eating at Giada and attending the Gwen Stefani concert.
  • Entertainment
  • Cirque du Soleil = There are a few of these type shows to choose from. So entertaining. Pick one out if you are in Vegas.
  • Blue Man Group -Highly entertaining. I’m sure they’ve changed the show since we’ve seen it, but they are mesmerizing. Go see them.
  • Gwen Stefani -This was kind of a private concert for our convention. It was next door at Planet Hollywood from where we were staying at Paris. Brought back lots of memories of my daughter playing her tunes.
  • Tribute shows, magic shows, etc- There are all kinds of shows and celebrity concerts. No matter when you are there, you have options.
  • Shopping
  • The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace this is truly my happy place in Vegas. Almost every designer that you can think of has a shop here and then there’s also H&M and some other affordable places.
  • Fashion Show is a right on the strip. This shopping/dining center has over 250 shops and restaurants. It also has weekly fashion shows!
  • Miracle Mile Shops is another indoor shopping destination of almost 200 shops & restaurants that’s 1.2 miles long inside Planet Hollywood.
  • Outlet shopping-Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, Las Vegas South Premium Outlets. Knock yourself out!
  • Hotel shopping-The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian/Palazzo. As mentioned, the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood and The Forum Shops in Caesars. Paris has shops and probably most of the hotels do.
  • M&M’s World-You’ve never seen so many M&M’s-like 4 stories worth! Go create some personalized souvenir gifts with printed M&M’s.

Lulu’s Review: I hadn’t been to Vegas in years so my 1st impression was that it was dirtier and also more crowded since new restaurants and hotels had been built on the strip. However, after being there for a bit, I actually discovered that there are still as many, if not more, high end shops and restaurants as ever. In fact, the new ones are very nice. It’s the skywalks that really need to be refurbished and cleaned up. They do diminish the mobs crossing the streets and interfering with traffic, and also facilitate the walk-ability of Vegas since every square inch of the strip is being developed, it seems.

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Wrap Up: Yes, I’m sure we’ll be back to Las Vegas at some time. The shopping and dining are worth it. If you haven’t been and you are open minded, adventurous and fairly tolerant, then I say go! So much to experience if you plan and explore. Be a little flexible. We didn’t make a dent in the options available!

38 thoughts on “Guide to Las Vegas Dining, Shopping and Fun”

  1. I’ve never been to Vegas! And I need to visit! Did you notice if restaurants offer vegan options?

  2. My daughter is hoping to go to Las Vegas soon to celebrate her 25th birthday. I’ll share this post with her for great ideas on where to eat and things to do.

  3. I loved Vegas! So much to see and do (and we are not even gamblers!). We will be going back at some point, as I would like to take the kids when they are a bit older.

    1. Right?!! You don’t have to gamble or even drink to enjoy Vegas. The shows, food and hotels are all amazing!! We have taken booth of our kids at separate times when they were younger. Plenty for kids to enjoy.

  4. I love Las Vegas. Haven’t gone much now that we have kids but we used to go all the time!

  5. I would definitely enjoy Hell’s Kitchen … I am a huge fan! The food looks awesome too!

  6. Oh man, Vegas and I have fun! haha I used to go for work every year & then I ended up eloping in Vegas years later haha. I always stay at The Wynn bc their entire hotel has vegan menus. Yay Vegas! haha

  7. I watched Gordon Ramsay make a Beef Wellington on MasterClass and would LOVE to have one at his restaurant! Making that a to-do once we start traveling again!

  8. Now is the perfect time to go to Las Vegas. It is so cheap right now! I was looking this week!

  9. I love Vegas.. I have family there and spend so much time especially eating out and even the “local” restaurants are amazing, the chefs in the resorts are some of the best in the world!

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