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Pisa Backpacking thru 9 European countries in 14 days

The train we grabbed tickets for and headed to Pisa on, in about 10 minutes from Florence, turned out to be the correct one! Lucky for us since we certainly aren’t experts at train stations in unfamiliar countries, in a time crunch! Yucky train tho. Water not working, wifi wasn’t working. The charging outlets weren’t even working. We’ve had really good trains and then this. Glad it’s a short ride.

The tower was fairly easy to get to in Pisa. There is a bus that goes to that stop. It runs frequently, so getting there and back is easy. You can even walk in less than 30 minutes.

Like I’ve mentioned before, it is so cool when something that large and significant comes into view for the 1st time. I think that’s one thing that will stick with me, the 1st time to see so many sites in person, after only seeing pictures all of my life. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is big. I don’t know how big I thought it was but it just seems larger in life. Haha

There are also some other interesting, surrounding buildings leading up to the tower. There is the Camposanto, a Cathedral and Pisa Baptistery. Again, such antique and historical structures. I’m sure a guided tour would be very cool here.

After, milling around and taking our obligatory straightening up the tower pic, we made our way back to the bus stop. It’s really a very short walk. Basically, you just meander through the vendor booths where they are set up selling souvenirs. No purchases for us. We had no place for packing anything else, since we were backpacking thru Europe, literally, and didn’t have luggage.

Ready for Rome. It was a little longer trip than I had remembered in our planning, a couple of hours. Maybe we should’ve gone back to Florence for faster train on to Rome? We would’ve missed the coastal view tho. We are here to see everything!

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Big Dog’s Review: From Florence we took a train to Pisa to visit the leaning tower. This is a very busy tourist attraction and well worth the trip. Lots of photo opportunities here. The grounds and buildings are very nice.

36 thoughts on “Popping Over to Pisa”

  1. I agree, it’s so amazing to see these iconic structures and statues for the first time, after seeing photos all my life. I loved when the tower came into view! Enjoying your travels!

  2. Thank you, as always, for the virtual tour. Pisa looks fabulous!!

  3. I loved Pisa! Glad you got the cheesy and necessary tourist photo!! It took us forever to get ours! (No selfies Or good camera phones when we went!).

    1. I love the ‘we are here to see everything’ attitude. I often wondered what else there was to see at Pisa… now I know…

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