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Pacific Northwest: Must do Vancouver, Seattle, Portland


Suspension Bridge PacNW must do Vancouver
Nope! Nope! Nope! Not going on the suspension bridge.

Sharing our must see highlights of the Pacific Northwest including Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. We flew into Vancouver and ended up renting a car for a road trip before eventually flying out of Portland. In Vancouver, we stayed in a nice modern Airbnb condo in Yaletown. Easily got around the area to explore. Next we headed to Seattle via rental car. Seattle has so much to offer besides coffee y’all! Lol We got out on the water several times-ferrying to Bainbridge Island and a Puget Sound boat tour. Again, we stayed at an amazing condo, frequently walking to destinations and enjoyed getting fresh seafood at Pike Place Market and cooking and dining in. We had a little balcony patio and could enjoy the view of the gorgeous fall foliage. Discovering that Seattle had an underground area and exploring that, was really cool. After Seattle, we drove to Portland, OR. Stayed at another cool condo overlooking Director Park at Pioneer Square. Our bedroom was floor to ceiling windows, so too bad the view wasn’t incredible scenery. It was beautiful there in the Fall, especially outside of the city center. Very enjoyable drive out to Multnomah Falls. It was pretty chilly while we were there, but so worth it! We had so much fun on this trip with our son and his (now) wife!


  • Vancouver
  • Stanley Park – So much to offer here and with beautiful views. Plan on biking, hiking or just relaxing and taking it all in here.
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge – We had a great time here! Very cool on the other side with water plants, etc. The ‘tree house’ area was great to walk thru also. You are suspended on a walkway out from the cliffs.
  • Gastown Steam Clock -Yes, the clock actually releases visible steam!
  • Seattle
  • Original Starbucks -I’m not sure it’s actually in the original location, but it is unique with the old counters, etc that they started 1st store with. The employees were a lot of fun to interact with too!
  • Space Needle -Go up to observation deck for great views! Have your picture made and look it up on their site with code they give you. Looked back at ours around Christmas, and they had made it merry!
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass -What a fascinating tour! The beautiful glass creations were amazing and on a grand scale. Room after room of exhibits with so many pieces incorporated. Must visit!
  • Beneath The Streets Tour – Had no idea that Seattle had a previous underground city that has been built on top of! Great tour! So interesting!
  • MoPop/Museum of Pop Culture -Oh the trivia you can pick up here! We also caught a wearable art exhibit on display! Incredible.
  • Pike Place Market -Yep! They really do throw the fish. Actually, there’s a lot to this market, including fresh flower bouquets, produce, etc.
  • Bainbridge Island -We took the ferry back and forth to this island. We didn’t have time to stay and explore. Maybe you will!
  • Seattle Aquarium -Nice aquarium with several interactive exhibits while we were there.
  • Portland
  • Mount St Helens -We got as close as we could. The visitor center was closed when we were there. It’s a drive out that way from the city.
  • Multnomah Falls -absolutely beautiful and amazing! Fun climb up to bridge. One of our favorite places to see. Waterfall on two levels!
  • International Rose Test Garden -Stop and smell the roses! Nice rose garden that includes so much more. Largest leaves I’ve ever seen were here.
  • Portland Japanese Garden -Spent some time here exploring. Wonderful! They also have a venue here for events.
  • Pittock Mansion -The views up here are great, as well as the drive up! I just love the homes built into the sides of the hills above the water.

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Travel tip: take an umbrella, like these cute and clever inverted ones! I got the leopard print one and love it! Grab one for the kids too!!

Big Dog’s Review: Our trip to the Pacific Northwest was fabulous. We took this trip with our son and daughter in love. We flew into Vancouver BC and rented a car and drove to Seattle and then down to Portland. If you have time this is a great way to travel. If you’re a planner you can do so much and see so much beautiful country. This part of western Canada and the USA is very picturesque. Give it a try!

Lulu’s Review: Starting at Vancouver and working our way down to Portland, through Seattle, worked out great! Loved the suspension bridge and other adventures in Vancouver. Chihuly was fascinating along with underground, Pike’s and almost everything else we did in Seattle. What a gorgeous place Portland turned out to be with the falls, gardens and homes built in the hills. Great 1st trip to Pacific Northwest! We did the trip just like I like-pack in and see as much as possible. You can rest when you get home!

Wrap Up: Fabulous trip exploring a part of the country that we had not visited before and traveling with adult kids! Win win! Made a lot of memories and experienced so much. I feel like we just scratched the surface tho. Would like to tour Boeing next time and of course we have to go back to Canada…I still have some pretty money! Hope you got some ideas of must see places for when you visit Vancouver, Seattle and Portland in the Pacific Northwest! We always recommend tours too. Check out the ones below.

54 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest: Must do Vancouver, Seattle, Portland”

  1. I really want to visit the PNW! Such a beautiful region and so many things to do and see.

  2. We actually have a really great road trip mapped out for the east coast. Will definitely look into adding a couple of the spots you mentioned. Hopefully in a couple of years we will be able to make the trip.

  3. I’ve been in all those places, and enjoyed them; Portland not quite as much. My brother lives halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, so I’ve been to those cities often, and you’ve hit the highlights. I used to consider Vancouver my 2nd favorite city in the world – it’s so cosmopolitan, with lots of areas outside of the city to explore. (It’s now in 3rd place, after Barcelona and Copenhagen – which are tied for first.)
    Portland – eh, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood. I loved the Falls; that, and the oldest geocache in the world, were my target spots for Portland.
    I’ve gotta say, though, I couldn’t handle living there, with all the moisture, after being in New Mexico with all the sunshine, and only and average of 8″ of precipitation!

    1. Oh yes, those climates are at different ends of the precip spectrum! Barcelona has been on my list, I’ll have to add Copenhagen! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I haven’t been to Oregon in years, but I need to take my kids so they can enjoy all the beautiful places too!

  5. My dad lives in Vancouver. Used to be right downtown so we’d walk to Stanley Park, Gas Town and another favorite: Granville Island! It’s my favorite. But we also explored the Capilano Suspension Bridge and it’s a must for sure!!

  6. What a great trip! I lived in Seattle for 13 years and have visited many of these places. Great review! I love Multnomah Falls!

  7. Love these places. Portland was really cool when I visited a few years ago. They have a great little vegan community that was super yummy to check out.

  8. As a west coaster, I’ve had the opportunity to drive up and down the Coast, more than once. Having lived in Vancouver for almost 25 years I’m a bit biased, but have never (and will never, makes me legs wobble lol) do the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I’m sure you’ve inspired others to take this trip!

  9. I would love to see all of those things! I flew there years ago but due to flight delays my 4 day trip ended up being 1 day 🙁

  10. Just amazing! Was in Portland for 48 hours a few years ago and can’t wait to go back and spend more time in the PNW!

  11. I used to live in Bellevue, Washington and had no idea about more than a fraction of this stuff being within my easily accessible area of the country. I thank you for putting this out there.

  12. Your reviews and pictures are so helping when one is looking for a new location to visit for vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  13. We did a one day layover in Vancouver while on our way to an Alaskan Cruise. It definitely was nowhere near enough time! We’d like to go back someday, and will make it a point to go out on the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

  14. I use to live on the West coast but have moved to the Midwest. These places look like they would be amazing to visit the next time we are able to make it out that way.

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