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Whitehouse TX: MaHOMEs-TOWN proud!


City of Whitehouse painted window Mahomes hometown proud

Well we didn’t travel very far today, but that doesn’t make our trip any less significant. Up until a few years ago, our family lived in Whitehouse, TX. My husband and I both graduated from Whitehouse High School as did both of our grown kids. We are proud to call this little East Texas town our hometown. Even now we only live about 10 minutes away and still have many friends and family there. 

Speaking of family, my cousin had tagged me on Facebook for a contest that Whitehouse Flowers was hosting this week, so I entered. And I found out this morning that I won!! Talk about excited!! We have a Super Bowl Party planned with some of our church friends tomorrow, so how’s that for a score?!

Facebook winner announcement Whitehouse Flowers Whitehouse TX flower shop

So off we went to Whitehouse to collect a very nice Super Bowl gift package courtesy of Whitehouse Flower Shop. There was a large balloon bouquet with balloons of red and yellow stars and a big football, a beautiful fresh floral arrangement with red roses and a big yellow sunflower with a #15 football garnish, a football shaped  and decorated cheese ball, Chief napkins, and a Home Sweet Mahomes Tshirt! What’s up with a little town in Texas going all out to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs, you ask. 

Holding up Home sweet Mahomes shirt at hometown flower shop, Whitehouse Flowers

Whitehouse Is the hometown of Patrick Mahomes. This small East Texas town, of just over 7500 people, has swollen with pride now that one of their own is headed to the Super Bowl tomorrow. Evidence is everywhere you go with yard signs at residences, business windows painted and a Chiefs Day at the Whitehouse school campuses. This was held last Friday as students and teachers donned their Kansas City Chiefs gear in support of their favorite Chief, quarterback Patrick Mahomes. #15. The City of Whitehouse and the Mayor, Charles Parker, has even proclaimed February 2nd as Patrick Mahomes Day. 

Whitehouse population sign

The hoopla and excitement didn’t just start recently either. This area has been cheering on Patrick and the Chiefs the whole season.  Whitehouse is a very close knit, family oriented town which always supports its own. People move here for the small town atmosphere, award winning schools, close proximity to Lake Tyler, to be a part of a beautiful and thriving community, and probably a whole host of other reasons draw them in. Obviously the sports scene isn’t lacking either. Other current professional athletes to graduate from WISD include Josh Tomlin, Dylan Cantrell and A J Minter. 

KC Chiefs Patrick Mahomes #15 photo prop set-up at hometown flower shop, Whitehouse Flowers
Boutique painted windows in hometown of Whitehouse, TX

As we meandered around town checking out the painted windows and even a photo prop set-up, we enjoyed visiting with other fans anticipating the game tomorrow.  Of course some were long time friends, but others were actually from Kansas City. They made their way to Whitehouse because of all the recent publicity and wanting to check it out. One girl even had the cutest little fur baby, Cooper, sporting his Chiefs bandana. Also while we were out, it was nice to hear what a good guy Patrick Mahomes truly is from people who actually know him. 

Whitehouse Flowers painted windows with Mahomes, KC Chiefs, #15 in hometown
KC Chiefs Painted window dental office

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Banners in hometown Whitehouse TX business
Cooper and his owner visiting Mahomes hometown Whitehouse, TX

It’s no wonder that so many created amazing tshirts, coozies, earrings, and so much more in honor and celebration of Patrick and the Cheifs team. You would think there would not be a shortage of gear with so many creatives jumping in to provide fans with any and everything #15/Cheifs, but there was. I’m not sure if anyone offered more than the flower shop in Whitehouse, and they were pretty much sold out by Saturday. Everyone was literally gearing up to support Patrick and KC. It’s only appropriate. He is such a giver himself, with his foundation and how he lives his life in general.

Mahomes hair #15 Tshirt sold in hometown Whitehouse, TX

I hope he always keeps his strong faith and I hope that he leads the Chiefs to a long overdue win tomorrow. Go Chiefs!!

UPDATE: Chiefs won!!!!! We did have our funtastic super bowl party. The gift package I won from the contest was perfect and everyone was so impressed that they gave such a fabulous assortment. There were 3 areas set up to watch the game, depending on how serious of a football fan you were. But, I can tell you there were loud and proud cheers from all over the house constantly. The last quarter could not have made our little town more proud! What a comeback! What an athlete! Congrats Patrick Mahomes #15 and the entire KC Chiefs Team!!! Your Whitehouse MaHOMEs-TOWN is so very proud!!

Watching Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV with quarterback Patrick Mahomes Whitehouse TX
Congrats Patrick Mahomes #15 Whitehouse TX!
Congrats #15 Patrick Mahomes Whitehouse TX and KC Chiefs!!

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful post about our guy! We will be visiting in mid April. Are there any tours to sign up for, or is it on your own? Love that since this was posted we’ve won another SB!!!❤️🖤

    1. Yes, another SB win!! Woohoo!!
      I think exploring all of the things you are interested in on your own would be great! You can pack a lot in and move at your own pace. Enjoy your visit!!

  2. I love that you shared this story with us. It’s moments like this that bring together small communities and strangers from all over the country in an exhibition of Good ‘Ol American Pride. I’m a Steelers fan… But I was a Chief’s fan for a day. Glad to see they won and that Whitehouse has a day you’ll all remember with joyful pride. Maybe you’ll get a repeat next season 🙂

  3. Hi. Coming from the 10K Challenge. I live in Frisco and love exploring small TX towns. My SO and I were in Farmersville last Saturday antiquing and junkin’. They just happened to have a Valentine’s celebration going on in their downtown – so got to enjoy wine and chocolates as we shopped. I’d like to invite you to 3rd Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Tx on March 13, 14 and 15 to review. SO and I are doing a Vintage Finds booth. McKinney’s downtown is fun, historic and lots of great little shops.

    1. Hi D’Ann! I would love to come to McKinney. It’s been several years since I’ve been there, but not during trades days. Love the square there.
      Sounds like a nice time in Farmersville!

  4. My husband recorded the second half of the game and my 5 year old has watched it over and over again! He was rooting for the Chiefs all along!

  5. This place gives me all the feels. I have always wanted to live in a place like this!! How cute!

  6. Yay! Congrats on winning the prize package and congratulations to the KC Chiefs! It’s great that your town supports Patrick and the team.

  7. Congrats! It is always fun to win the big game. Being from Boston, we know a thing or two about that. 😉 That is a great prize you won. The photo of the dog is precious!!

  8. Congratulations on winning! & to your hometown. There’s nothing like cheering for your own local hero.

  9. Super cool! I’m a Houston Texans fan but I’m also a Mahomes fan. I love what he’s done and how he portrays himself even though he’s a young leader. Awesome that you got your gift basket! They deserved the win ❤️

  10. Congrats to your hometown – my hometown HS was cheering for our hometown QB (Jimmy Garoppolo)! Glad to see another town so excited about their QB!!!

    1. I was thinking about all of the people that were pulling for their own from the 49ers. They are all good athletes and played a great game.

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