24 Hours In Luxembourg


Grand Ducal Palace Luxembourg
Guards at Duke’s Palace in Luxembourg

On our Backpacking Through Europe Adventure: 9 countries, 14 days, 24 hours in Luxembourg was our 4th stop. Thinking we were coming and going from Central Station in Luxembourg, we decided to stay close to that area. Actually, we ended up taking an extra bus back and forth from P+R Bullion, which is where the Trier, Germany Flibco Bus brought us to and where the Zurich Flixbus left from the next morning.

Let me elaborate on Trier for a moment before getting to Luxembourg. When I booked our Cologne to Luxembourg train tickets, I knew it ended with a bus to Luxembourg from Trier, but that was fine because we would be taking a bus (to actually see this part of Europe) on to Zurich. I had read not so favorable reviews of the Trier station, but really how bad could it be? All of the train stations so far had been nice big train stations with restaurants, malls, or at least shopping/dining and nice facilities. Well, the reviews were accurate. The station was nasty, not in good repair, and staff even seemed a little confused/vague about our bus link. Luckily, we ran into an English speaking passenger making the same connection. We made it to Luxembourg in plenty of time to enjoy our evening. Again, there was a friendly local employee checking us in at the hotel. She was a great help in planning out our evening and sightseeing for the next morning. It was a short stop over in Luxembourg, just a tad longer than our Peruse through Cologne, Germany or Hot Minute in Milan, Italy

The hotel was nice and within walking distance of Bella Napoli, where we had a wonderful dinner. Yes, more Italian, but they are known for their pizza and also, mousse cappuccino for dessert. Both were excellent! 

The next morning we trekked through town, across the bridge, to Old Luxembourg! What a treat!! Such a beautiful historic area with true old world charm. It was a mix of residential, shops, and even some hotels. I would want to stay in that area, and stroll around on all of those cobble stone streets exploring extensively, if I were to return to Luxembourg. Entering into this area, Palais Grand-Ducal just magically and magnificently appeared before us. This is the royal residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and his family. There are armed guards and we were able to see them doing their thing-marching and gun acrobatics-in front of the palace. We were very close to them and I’m not sure if we didn’t get a little extra action since we were the only two around early in the morning and were taking pictures of the two of them. Seriously, it’s on a street and there is a cafe across the cobble stones, which is where we were backed up to, capturing the guards and the palace with our phones. Too bad HRH didn’t stroll out for breakfast at the cafe…talk about being caught off-guard! Haha

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Big Dog’s Review: From Cologne we took a train to Trier and got on a bus to Luxembourg. We arrived in the evening and had time to unpack and have a great dinner at Bella Napoli. The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel and afterwards walked in to town. The historic downtown area of Luxembourg with its narrow cobblestone streets was enchanting. Worth the walk!

Wrap Up: We really ended up enjoying Luxembourg City and were left wanting to stay longer and experience more. I don’t think it’s a big city, even though it seems to have good public transportation in buses. Despite all of the buses, the locals were certainly all about walking. Love it. We just joined right in.

Leave it to Luxembourg to intrigue us in only 24 hours. Next stop Switzerland, as we Zazoo thru Zurich! Hope you’ll continue traveling with us!

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  1. I’ve always one to go to Luxembourg. It’s only of the only European countries I haven’t been to.

  2. What a great European City. I have not been but it would be a nice stop on my next trip!

  3. Beautiful area, & one you enjoyed in a very short period of time!

  4. I do love a city that isn’t super huge but has a lot of great amenities and is walkable! Luxembourg sounds just lovely!

  5. What pretty pictures! Luxembourg sounds like a really cool place! I hope we can visit it sometime.

  6. I cannot get over some of your pictures! The traffic looked crazy at times, and the McDonald’s sign seemed so out of place on such a beautiful street. What an incredible looking trip!

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