Venturing to romantic Venice

Venturing to Romantic Venice


Hotel Guerrini Venice

We could not have been more pleased with Venice!! It was  a wonderful, romantic step back in time. It’s like no place else we’ve ever been. All of the streets are either narrow and packed with merchants of all kinds or they are wider canal streets lined with businesses and residences. The city is so much larger than we expected. We roamed up and down and thru narrow or canal street after street. We noticed that each street is basically it’s own neighborhood with a variety of shops and restaurants, and also produce shops, pharmacies, fresh fish ‘kiosk markets’, etc.  One area we wandered thru had a fabric store, a furniture store, a rug store and even a pay phone on the street. It was a canal street and that was probably a good location for those larger type deliveries? 

There was so much charm and character in the colorful facades with flower boxes and distinct historical architectural designs. That’s what I imagine when I think of Italy!

The food! We had amazing food from our hotel breakfast to amazing pizza to authentic Italian dishes, especially with champagne, complimentary by an owner of a family restaurant. 

The people were nice, lots of locals and tourists. We felt completely safe. There were always people to ask, in English, if we needed anything. 

There was plenty of shopping if you were in the market for clothing, purses, jewelry, Murano glass, hats, scarves, etc. We were backpacking thru Europe and didn’t have room to buy and pack much!

Very nice train station on the main canal. Easy and convenient to buy tickets and grab a train. Lot’s of people coming into Venice here. This is where we left from.

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Big Dog’s Review: Here we stepped back in time to the old world Italian city of Venice. Very charming city with all the canals and lots of great places to eat. A photographers paradise with all the beautiful architecture, museums, and churches.

Wrap Up: Venice is an amazing place! Put it on your Italy itinerary. After a romantic venture to Venice, now we are ready to be Fascinated in Florence!

58 thoughts on “Venturing to Romantic Venice”

  1. I loved Venice! My daughter, grandson and I spent 12 days in Italy and stopped in Venice for three. It is such a magical city. I look forward to returning, when we are allowed to travel again.

  2. Your trips look so amazing! Would love to visit – but will happily look through your visit photos!

  3. I love Venice, it is my retirement trip for a month – maybe in a few years. Your pictures brought me right back.

  4. Venice will be added to my bucket list now seeing how you enjoyed this romantic and charming city. I’d love to shop for murano glass.

  5. We loved visiting Venice. It is such a great city. I can’t wait to take my kids.

    1. I know what you mean! I would love for my kids to go too. They are grown and have been to some places I haven’t been to tho. Haha

  6. One day I would love to travel the world. I’ve never been outside of the US and I know there is so much to see in this world.

  7. I would love to spend a few days here with my husband. The scenery is beautiful, the food is my favorite, and my husband speaks fluent Italian and I’d love to see him use it.

  8. Venice does look so romantic! Look forward to visiting in the future for sure.

  9. I love Venice! We went there on my maternity leave when my daughter was three months old. It was my favorite place in Italy of all we went to. What time of year were you there? It looks like off season. I hear it can get overly hot and crowded in the summer.

    1. Awe that’s great! We loved it too! It was mid to late May last year. My husband just reminded me the other day that we were in Europe this time last year.

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