Hot Minute in Milan


Lunch in Milan

On our journey through Europe, from Amsterdam, down through Brussels/Cologne/Luxembourg/Zurich and into Italy, we started with Milan. Actually, Italy started with Venice!! Milan just happened to be a good place to stop for lunch and then get back on a bus to Venice. I had decided on buses going through a big part of Europe because we had time, and I felt the views would be better on the main roads in a bus, than speeding along the rail lines. We will probably take a train next time just to compare the views. Really, how can you go wrong touring thru Switzerland? It’s absolutely gorgeous! We did take one too many buses tho. We should’ve taken a train from Milan to Venice (although we would’ve missed the full perspective, gained from walking from the bus station to our hotel (about 25 minutes). Also, the ‘Lumpagnano’  station was awful and we probably could’ve gotten a train and gotten out of there after lunch, quicker than waiting on our next bus. Nasty place and some sketchy people around. We had gotten accustomed to large bus and train stations at the other locations we had been to in Europe. Most were very nice with malls, restaurants, etc. 

Hot Minute in Milan lunch
Authentic lunch spot Milan

When we arrived in Milan, we Googled ‘restaurants’ to find a place to eat within walking distance. We walked a lot on our trip. Great exercise to burn calories from all of the delicious food! We found a little authentic Italian place. We were the 1st ones there and then the locals started piling in. Google was correct in it’s review and analysis of ‘busy times’. Took a stab at the menu and ordered Linguine with seafood. I’m thinking shrimp linguine in a buttery garlic sauce. Nope. It was a red sauce and the linguine wasn’t the flat pasta I expected. It was more like fat spaghetti. The ‘seafood’ portion of the dish was the real surprise. I believe I detected squid, calamari, and yes some shrimp. It was all mixed together and surrounded by mussels. Big Dog got a vegetable plate. He loves to eat healthy. They were all battered and deep fried. Oops! Haha It was a nice lunch tho, and we strolled back to the station, ready for Venturing to Venice

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Big Dog’s Review: Lunch in Milan at an old traditional Italian family restaurant. Very nice people and great food!

Wrap Up: I’m sure if we were to actually go to Milan, and not just change buses and eat lunch, we would discover beautiful parts of a very nice city.  Next time we will plan for more than a hot minute there.

Veggie plate with fried veggies! Oh my!
Veggie plate with fried veggies! Oh my!
Seafood Linguine Milan
Seafood Linguine
Hot Minute in Milan lunch
Gimme all the bread!
Hot Minute in Milan lunch
And all the olive oil. Very light.
Hot Minute in Milan lunch
Heavy old world accents in Milan restaurant
Heavy on the old world accents! Ha

55 thoughts on “Hot Minute in Milan”

  1. Even though your meal wasn’t what you expected it sure looks delicious. I think a highlight and big adventure of traveling, especially to other countries is the food!

  2. I loved traveling around Italy! We missed Milan though…choices, right?! Next trip there though I’d love to see this city.

  3. I love the trains in Europe. We took the train from Florence to Venice and the scenery was beautiful.

  4. I love eating where the locals eat. You can always rely on the food being good! Sounds like a really great, quick day in Milan.

  5. I love finding locals to dine with. There is nothing better and the photos prove it Now I am hungry for Italian!

  6. There’s nothing like going to a traditional restaurant and trying out the local food! 🙂 I hope we make it to Italy as well!

    1. True!
      Hope you do too! The more we travel, the more we want to travel. Also, the longer our list grows, of places we want to visit!

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