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Finding Yourself in San Francisco CA this weekend?!


Ghirardelli in San Francisco is fun and cheap

If you are in San Francisco today, this weekend or anytime soon and need ideas for a memorable SF trip, we’ve got you covered. We flew into SFO and stayed in the San Francisco bay area. I have so many good memories of this trip. We were here for our anniversary and my birthday. It is a one of a kind place with so much variety to keep everyday interesting.

Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco CA

It’s a hilly and chilly city, but we loved it! Mark Twain knew what he was talking about in saying, “The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.”  Haha We can relate. It was June and we bought sweatshirts because we were cold! We had so much fun exploring all over the city even with it’s steep inclines. Hard to explain, you’ll just have to go. It’s definitely a work out, but worth it.

In San Francisco CA

Whenever we go to a new area, we like to see and experience as much as possible. SF was no exception. We tried to find as many free things to do in San Francisco as time would allow to go along with the sightseeing and attraction tours that we had also planned such as Alcatraz and Napa Valley. Napa Valley is a great weekend getaway from SF! Or you can do a San Francisco tour for the day like we did, leaving from the Bay area over the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge itself is an attraction. Speaking of free!

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco CA
Golden Gate Bridge
Andretti Winery Napa Valley San Francisco Tour
Andretti Winery Napa Valley

Below are some of our highlights of San Francisco CA. Most are fun and cheap other than Alcatraz. We made it fun even tho it’s a little more serious. We also recommend the tour, so definitely not a free thing to do, but worth it! Going over to the island and looking back at San Francisco Bay area is pretty awesome! Hope you get some ideas from our highlights. And you can always google funcheapsf for more ideas.

Looking back at SF Bay from Alcatraz
Looking back at SF from Alcatraz


  • Fisherman’s Wharf-such a lively area with lots of shops and restaurants.
  • Coit Tower-on top of Telegraph Hill. There is an observation deck at the top for 360 degree views of SF and the Bay area in general.
  • Ghirardelli-the trip isn’t complete without chocolate! Also, interesting to watch the historic equipment in action while you enjoy your own treat. A fun and cheap thing to do especially with kids.
  • Pier 39-hopefully you can catch some sea lions laying out on the pier here. A major San Francisco attraction.
  • Alcatraz Island-this was an incredible experience, going over to the island and back, the guided informative tour, and just seeing it all first hand. One of our favorite San Francisco sightseeing experiences.
  • Cable Cars-jump on a cable car and get up those hills more easily!
  • Lombard Street-drive this incredibly winding street or even walk up/down either side. It’s beautiful and unique. I’m curious who the residents are here!
  • Golden Gate Bridge-iconic! We drove over it headed to Napa Valley. This was an awesome trip, you can read about it here.
Cable/Street car San Francisco CA
Jump on!
Lombard Street in San Francisco CA
Lombard Street
Ghirardelli in San Francisco CA
Boudin Sourdough in San Francisco CA
Loved the fun bread creations here.
Fun shaped bread! Boudin Sourdough in San Francisco CA
Boudin Sourdough

Big Dog’s Review: Using public transportation we moved around the city effortlessly. Taking a boat out to Alcatraz to see the prison was a great day trip. A guided tour led us thru the old prison with all its history and wonderful stories. Loved the views of San Francisco Bay area from the water. We enjoyed going to Haight-Ashbury to see where all the fun was happening in the 60’s. The area had settled down to some unique shops. We also enjoyed walking down by the ocean, Ghirardelli, and Pier 39. Another point of interest is Coit Tower, from this vantage point you get some amazing views of the city. We went in June and it was quite cold at times. So bundle up!

Alcatraz Island San Francisco CA Bay area
Alcatraz Island
Acatraz Island San Francisco CA
Alcatraz Prison

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Wrap up: We would love to go back some day and experience more of the San Francisco attractions and restaurants. I still crave those amazing clam chowder bread bowls! We would also love to go explore Muir Woods and the redwoods next trip. We just ran out of time, as usual!

Clam chowder bread bowl in San Francisco CA

So if you are in San Francisco this weekend, or any day, check out the San Francisco tours below. We like doing our own exploring to a degree, but some attractions are a much better experience through the eyes of a guide. Enjoy your time in SF! Come back and tell us what your favorite things to do were.

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  1. Its been a lot of years since I was in San Fran… but I am looking forward to going back and taking the family with me. Would LOVE to see Alcatraz, and do some of the other touristy things!

  2. I first went to San Francisco in 1989 fresh out of high school, and I didn’t love it. We just went back 5 years ago, and it was AWESOME (except for the downtown weekday rush hour traffic…YIKES!)!

  3. Hopefully we will be able to visit San Francisco some day. Love the picture of the Lombard Street-drive.

  4. Wow, buying sweatshirts in summer! I live for warm weather, so that would be hard. I would love to visit and see the bridge.

  5. You got a great shot of Lombard Street! And really, there isn’t anything better than a whole plaza dedicated to chocolate 😉

  6. San Francisco is gorgeous! Lisa has visited and would love to go back. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I really have not spent enough time in San Francisco.. there is a lifetime of beautiful and historical places for the whole family to enjoy!

  8. I would definitely be all over that soup and sourdough bread in San Fransisco! YUM!

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